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Interested to learn more about the plastic pollution crisis? Access reports, graphics, data, and other materials produced by the movement’s members and allies.

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#BreakFreeFromPlastic is a global movement working to stop plastic pollution for good.

By linking together the many great initiatives happening all over the world, we demonstrate our size, diversity, and global reach. Use the logo and hashtag to strengthen and amplify our movement-wide message to #BreakFreeFromPlastic and support your individual and collaborative actions.

Other Resources


Browse through some of the informative graphics that the movement has produced. You can use them to educate, spread the word, or simply learn from.
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Watch some informative and educational videos produced by or featuring the movement and its members.
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Learn from webinars produced and prepared by members and allies of the movement. Browse through different topics, from general information to implementing solutions.
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#BreakFreeFromPlastic works with members and allies to create documentaries that tackle the plastic pollution crisis and reveal the true cost of plastic. From hard hitting revelations to inspiring stories, these will surely give you a more holistic understanding of the urgent problem we’re facing.

Whether you’re researching, wanting to learn about plastic pollution, or just looking for something to watch, these documentaries are definitely a must!
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#BreakFreeFromPlastic has partnered with members to bring you engaging podcasts about plastic pollution. Each of the programs below tackle a variety of topics, uncovering truths about plastic pollution and consumption. Throughout the varied angles, one thing remains consistent: production must stop if we are to address the crisis at hand. We must #BreakFreeFromPlastic as a society, together.

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Sign-on Letters

Take action and add your name to sign-on letters created by the movement and its members. You can either sign as an individual or sign on behalf of your organization, depending on the campaign.
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Join the 13,000+ members representing millions of people around the world.

Whether you represent an organization or want to join as an individual, you can help fight the plastic pollution crisis. And as a movement, we can achieve so much more. Become a member today and be part of the change!
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