#breakfreefromplastic has partnered with members to bring you engaging podcasts about plastic pollution. Each of the programs below tackle different topics, uncovering different truths about plastic pollution and consumption. Despite the varied angles, one thing remains consistent across all of the different podcasts below: production has to stop if we are to address the crisis at hand. We must #breakfreefromplastic together, as a society.

Global Plastics Treaty

Hosted by Marcy Trent Long I Produced by Break Free From Plastic and Sustainable Asia

The Global Plastics Treaty negotiations offer an opportunity for governments around the world to set mechanisms to address plastic pollution-- one that should focus on solutions such as reuse and plastics  reduction, and not on false solutions such as waste incineration and other techno-fixes!In this podcast series produced in partnership with Sustainable Asia, experts do a theme-wise analysis of the Global Plastics Treaty, telling us why an effective legally binding instrument addressing plastic pollution crisis is important for all of us.

Winter will come again podcast cover

Coming Soon: The new #breakfreefromplastic podcast

Produced by Break Free From Plastic

The petrochemical industry is the largest global driver of the increased demand for oil and gas, fueling the climate crisis and its disastrous impacts on the most vulnerable communities and ecosystems. Yet, this extremely high fossil fuel-consuming industry has remained a complete oversight in the EU public energy and climate debates. This is despite clear and feasible pathways to reduce consumption of one of its main products: plastic. Join us for #BreakFreeFromPlastic's new podcast series, Winter Will Come Again, hosted by Sarah Diedro Jordão and with special guests from the Break Free From Plastic movement and beyond.

People Over Plastic

Hosted by Shilpi Chhotray | Produced by People Over Plastic Team, United States of America
People Over Plastic (POP) is a BIPOC Storytelling Collective committed to dismantling systems of oppression when it comes to the most controversial material on the planet: PLASTIC.

With 99% of plastic coming from fossil fuels today, we believe conversations about the climate crisis AND the plastic crisis must center people of color and indigenous voices who are most impacted from it.

The Podcast of Plastic

Hosted by Antoinette Taus | Produced by Break Free from Plastic and Podcast Network Asia, Philippines
The Podcast of Plastic is inspired by the Emmy Award winning documentary The Story of Plastic, which not only shows the bigger picture around the plastics crisis, but also refutes preconceived notions about Asia as the source of the problem.

Join Break Free From Plastic movement members and allies as they debunk the various myths about plastic and waste in Asia Pacific on The Podcast of Plastic!

An initiative by the Break Free From Plastic Movement

The Real Environmental Justice Radio Program

Hosted by Conwell Hakapya featuring Niven Reddy and Carissa Marnce | Produced by Citizen’s Environmental and Social Concern (CESCo)
The Citizen’s Environmental and Social Concern (CESCo) runs a weekly radio programme to unpack a range of environmental topics. The programme, known as the ‘Real Environmental Justice’ show, was developed to address the need for awareness on environmental issues and have a greater reach to diverse audiences consistently. The episode is hosted by Conwell Hakapya and features Niven Reddy and Carissa Marnce from the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Break Free From Plastic team (BFFP) in Africa . In this episode, they discuss the groundbreaking film The Story of Plastic.
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EcoView Talk Show EP 27: The Story of Plastic – Uncovering the ugly truth behind plastic pollution

Produced by Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE) & Radio Veritas Gambia 102.
The Eco-View podcast, is produced by the Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE) & Radio Veritas Gambia 102.9. This is an environmental radio programme that seeks to engage diverse experts and a myriad of leaders on a range of environmental topics that will aid the people in gaining knowledge on environmental development and solutions to community development issues. In this episode, they discuss The Story of Plastic which is an eye-opener on the global plastic pollution crisis and should be of interest for anyone that cares about the state of the planet as we know it, whether you’re entirely new to the issue or already immersed in the dialogue. The episode is hosted by Joe Bongay and features Niven Reddy and Carissa Marnce from the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) team in Africa.
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Can we Break Free From Plastic? ft. Von Hernandez

Produced by Mission Shunya
Today, we produce about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Our Planet is choking with plastics. How can we break free from plastics? What are the alternatives? How can brands and organisations be more responsible? As a consumer, what can you do to have a positive impact?

Joining Girish Shivakumar is Von Hernandez, Global Coordinator, Break Free From Plastic. The Break Free From Plastic Movement is a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution.
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New Spanish-language podcast series “Plastic planet: when utility became extinction” launches in Latin America

Produced by REMPA (Mexican Network of Environmental Journalists)
In this weekly podcast created by REMPA (Mexican Network of Environmental Journalists) in collaboration with #breakfreefromplastic. On the show, communicators and experts guide us through the world of plastic pollution throughout its entire life cycle, addressing issues such as pollution of natural areas, plastics and health, human rights, politics, false solutions, etc., allowing us to see the problem in a more comprehensive way.

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