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About BFFP

#BreakFreeFromPlastic is the global movement working to achieve a future free from plastic pollution. More than 13,000 organizations and individuals around the world have come together to demand reductions in single-use plastics and to advocate for lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. BFFP members work together to bring about systemic change by tackling plastic pollution across the whole value chain - from extraction to disposal - focusing on prevention rather than cure.

Meet Our Global Members





Ocean plastic pollution crisis catapulted into attention with the video of a turtle with a plastic straw in its nose. The dominant narratives around plastic focused on consumer wastefulness and irresponsibility, blaming Asian countries for leading the problem due to deficient waste management programs, intentionally ignoring the role of corporate polluters and fossil fuel companies.


Global and Asian regional organizations working on the plastic supply chain convened to work on a coordinated and unified theory of change and strategy, including China Zero Waste Alliance, EcoWaste Coalition, GAIA, Greenpeace, Oceana, and Zero Waste Europe.


100 organizations from 50 countries met in Tagaytay, Philippines to create a common strategic framework and vision.


Successful consolidation and planning meeting in Bali, Indonesia to organize with members around campaigns and strategy


89 municipalities engaged and 10 major cities started model programs


First Brand Audit report


Story of Plastic released


Updated Tagaytay strategy with key additions including a focus on policy and deliberate strategy on petrochemicals
Shifting the Narrative
Changing Policies
Movement Building
We believe in a world where the land, sky, oceans, and water is home to an abundance of life, not an abundance of plastic, and where the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is free of toxic by-products of plastic pollution.

In this world the principles of environmental justice, social justice, public health, and human rights lead government policy, not the demands of elites and corporations.

This is a future we believe in and are creating together.
Our Principles
  • Sustainable Lifestyles
    Our lifestyles and economy fit within the environmental limits of the planet.
    Reduce Waste
    Waste is reduced, first and foremost.
    Organic Waste
    Organic waste returns to the soils and zero waste systems reduce reliance on landfills and incinerators.
    Slow Climate Change
    The systems we build and materials we use slow climate change, rather than accelerate it.
  • Waste Workers And Systems
    Waste pickers and recycling workers are supported to improve the systems they operate in and can co-lead a just transition to a new and safe materials economy.
    Responsible Production
    Producers take responsibility for the full life cycle costs and impacts of their products and packaging, and are redesigning and innovating better materials and systems.
    Reduce And Reuse And Reuse Again
    Where plastic products and packages are necessary, they are re-used, repaired, or, failing that, recycled; and toxic substances are eliminated from their production.
  • “Waste To Energy” Isn’t The Solution
    No new incinerators are constructed, and renewable energy incentives are eliminated for plastics and waste burning. This includes gasification, pyrolysis, cement kilns, and other burn “waste-to-energy” facilities.
    Responsible Material Lifecycles
    The life cycle of the materials and products we use – from extraction and production, to end use, recycling, composting, and disposal – sustain the health of the people and the planet.
    Community Action & Partnerships
    Strong community action and partnerships among citizens, workers, government, sector experts, and supportive business leaders guide decisions about present and future material design, manufacturing, and waste management.
Meet The Team
Von Hernandez
Global Coordinator, Break Free From Plastic Movement
Nicky Davies
Executive Director, Plastic Solutions Fund
Christie Keith
International Coordinator/Executive Director of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Jacqueline Savitz
Chief Policy Officer, Oceana
Mao Da, PhD
Co-Founder of China Zero Waste Alliance (CZWA)
Joan Marc Simon
Director of Zero Waste Europe
Stephen Campbell
Campaigns Leader, Environment Program, Oak Foundation, Geneva
Froilan Grate
Executive Director of GAIA Philippines and the Asia Pacific Coordinator for the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Graham Forbes
Global Project Leader at Greenpeace
Lakshmi Narayan
Co-founder and former Secretary General of KKPKP
Anne Aittomaki
Plastic Change - Strategic Director
Tory Read
Steering Committee Member Emeritus/Senior Global Strategist, Greenpeace International
Stiv Wilson
Creator, The Story of Plastic, CoDirector, Peak Plastic Foundation
Yuyun Ismawati
Founder of Balifokus (now Nexus 3) and convenor of the Indonesian Zero Waste Alliance (AZWI)
Ana Lê Rocha
Executive Director with Nipe Fagio in Tanzania and Director of Global Plastics Program, GAIA
Caro Gonzalez
Global Communications Lead
Brett Nadrich
US and Canada Communications Officer
Bethany Keeley
Europe Communications Officer
Eah Antonio
Asia Pacific Senior Communications Officer
Devayani Khare
Asia Pacific Communications Officer
Marianella Nuñez
Global Communications Associate
Arvin Alvarez
Digital Media Manager
Khate Nolasco
Web Consultant
Shekinah Benitez
Digital Media Associate
Von Hernandez
Global Coordinator
Justine Maillot
European Coordinator
Magdalena Donoso
Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Node/Coordinator
Melissa Aguayo
BFFP US Coordinator
Niven Reddy
Africa Regional Node/Coordinator
Carroll Muffett
President, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Skye Male
Community Engagement Manager
Sofia Mesa
US Operations Manager
Alex Gordon
Member Engagement Officer
Iveta Cadrova
Movement Building Coordinator
Carissa Marnce
Africa Communications Coordinator
Neebha Budhoo
Africa Operations Manager
Merrisa Naidoo
Africa Plastic Campaigner
Careen Mwakitalu
Africa Communications Associate
Maria Esther
Plastic Campaigner
Weyinmi Okotie
Africa Clean Energy Campaigner
Michael Esealuka
US Petrochemical Coordinator
Kenza Elazkem
Outreach Coordinator, BFFP North Africa
Tiara Samson
Movement Building Associate
Aswathy Senan
South Asia Network Organiser
Faye Ferrer
Network Organizer for Southeast Asia
Alexander Colling
Grants and Operations Manager
Desmond Alugnoa
Member Support Program Coordinator, BFFP Africa
Emma Priestland
Corporate Campaigns Coordinator
C. Semee Rhee
Global Policy Advisor
Delphine Lévi Alvarès
Petrochemical Campaigns Coordinator
Graham Hamilton
US Policy Officer
Laura Díaz Sánchez
Solutions Coordinator at Break Free From Plastic Europe
Miko Aliño
Project Coordinator for Corporate Accountability
Sybil Bullock
Associate Campaign Manager
Coleen Salamat
Project Coordinator for Waste Trade
Caroline Will
Communications Coordinator of the Rethink Plastic alliance
Trixie Guerrero
Multimedia Designer
Ioana Popescu
Coordinator of the Rethink Plastic alliance and Policy Coordinator for BFFP Europe
Shilpi Chhotray
Narrative Advisor
Christie Keith
International Coordinator/Executive Director of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Stephen Campbell
Campaigns Leader, Environment Program, Oak Foundation, Geneva
Tory Read
Steering Committee Member Emeritus/Senior Global Strategist, Greenpeace International
Stiv Wilson
Creator, The Story of Plastic, CoDirector, Peak Plastic Foundation

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