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Break Free From Plastic members and allies are renowned experts on plastic pollution across the plastic supply chain, providing rich perspectives on the issue. As a result, the movement has collectively commented on high-profile media stories and published countless reports, research, training, campaigns, and more. 

Currently, there is a historic opportunity to keep putting plastic pollution issues at the forefront of traditional and digital media, and journalists, media professionals, and content creators play a unique role in keeping the momentum. 

If you are interested in collaborating with us,  featuring our members’ works, or  talking to experts, scientists, or people on the ground, drop us a line at

If you have region specific inquiries please address them to the respective Communications Officers: 

  • Africa - Carissa Marnce
  • Europe - Bethany Keeley 
  • Latin America and the Caribbean - Camila Aguilera
  • South East Asia and the Pacific - Eah Antonio
  • South Asia - Devayani Khare 
  • US and Canada - Brett Nadrich

Resource for Journalists and Content Partners

Watch out for greenwashing attempts, misinformation about the plastic pollution crisis, and false solutions.


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