Break Free From Plastic is a global movement working to stop plastic pollution for good.

By linking together the many great initiatives happening all over the world, we demonstrate our size, diversity, and global reach. Using the logo and hashtag strengthens and amplifies our movement-wide message to #breakfreefromplastic!

You may refer to the style guide to support your individual and collaborative actions. The Break Free From Plastic style and communications channels are curated by the Communications Hub to serve the movement.

Our Communication Values

The Break Free From Plastic logo and hashtag:

  • Are made for the movement: we encourage you to use it to share your ideas, events, stories, and campaigns to highlight our growing community!

  • Are freely accessible and all members of the movement are encouraged to use it in their work.

  • Represents and empowers the faces and organizations behind the movement

  • Is collaborative and cooperative. Allows organizations to connect under one banner to strengthen and align the work of the movement.

Break Free From Plastic materials and communications actively portray the diversity of our movement. Empowering and properly crediting your fellow BFFP members for their work is strongly encouraged. Here are a few examples:

  • On social media, tag the member who’s done the work you are featuring, or just mention them in the caption if they’re not in any particular social media channel.

  • On press releases or feature stories, make sure the member you’re featuring has their name mentioned and hyperlinked to their website or social media profile.

The #breakfreefromplastic logo and hashtag can simplify your communications process. When working with other members of the movement you have a unified vision  under which to take action, which is easy to communicate and clear in its aims. We encourage including a full list of groups working on initiatives under the Break Free From Plastic banner, ensuring smaller groups are also equitably represented.

Is adaptable to a wide range of topics, campaigns, and event types and can be used by organizations, networks, communities, and individuals to share their work.

Is not available for commercial or political activity – the logo and hashtag  is reserved for non-profit communications in-line with our values, principles and guidelines.

Tips & Tricks

  • When communicating about the movement, it is important to remember that it is just that – a movement. Break Free From Plastic is not an organization or a coalition, but a movement made up of over 1,100 organisations and individuals calling for a world free from plastic pollution.

  • Check the website for more information, examples and resources.

  • If in doubt, get in touch with the Communications Officer in your region.
Here are our top ten tips & tricks!


  • The primary hashtag for our movement is #BreakFreeFromPlastic. This is widely used across various social media channels and in other movement communications (newsletters, press releases, blogs, etc.).

  • The hashtag is an easy way to demonstrate your active participation in the movement. It can also be a great way to reach beyond your usual networks to amplify your stories to a wider audience. We strongly encourage using the hashtag widely and often!



Inter is a font designed for digital communication which makes it readable for many platforms. This versatile font can be used for headings, subheadings, and body texts.
Finition is an example of a decorative font that can be paired stylistically with Inter. As long as it is readable in YOUR language, feel free to pair Inter with a creative font!


Colours reflecting the ideal world, where there are blue skies and bright, fertile land.

Make it YOURS! Use these colours in a way  which works for your communication style.

Color Usage

BFFP is flexible when it comes to placing the logo on colored backgrounds.

Since the primary logo is composed of two (2) out of four (5) brand colors, there are multiple logo versions that would sit well on top of the other brand colors.

For black and white print materials, only use the monochromatic versions.

Photographic Background

There are many ways to place the logo on photographic backgrounds. The basic rule is to use the dark logos on light areas of the photo and the light logos on dark areas of the photo for contrast.

1. Enclosed logo versions are best used on crowded photos.
2. Photos that have the same hues as the brand colours can be the bases of which logo to use.

Unacceptable Usage

BFFP has a lot of organisational branches that may require different logo looks. Best practise is to keep the basic rules regarding the logo usage.

1) Do not rotate the logo
2) Do not squash or stretch the logo
3) Do not skew the logo.
4) Do not stylize the logo
5) Do not resize any text in the logo.
6) Do not use more than two (2) logo versions in one graphic.

Tip: You may add contrast behind the logo to make it stand out.

Special Logos

Special logos are made for branches of organisations within BFFP by request. Existing special logos include BFFP Youth Ambassadors and for the Toxic Tours campaign.

They follow the same principal logo versions (horizontal or stacked).

NOTE: Do NOT create logos without approval.

BFFP Youth

Toxic Tours

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