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Toxic Tours Webinar

By Break Free From Plastic
Frontline groups from around the globe bring their Toxic Tours to the Global Plastics Treaty space to share upstream and downstream issues on the negative impacts of plastic pollution across the entire supply chain.
Building on a first phase launch through a multi-lingual webinar, frontline voices from upstream and downstream sites will guide us through the Toxic Tours, sharing unseen footage of their communities in an immersive presentation, where they will expose the impacts of plastic and the community-centered solutions they want to see reflected in national and global policies.

How to reduce the impact of plastics in healthcare

By Health Care Without Harm - Europe
Through this webinar, we inspire healthcare professionals to take action and protect the health of patients and communities by amplifying existing solutions to reduce plastic in healthcare.  [EN, FR, ES, NL, EL]

Will the real solutions please stand up?

Take a closer look at the real solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.

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