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Zero Waste City Manual

A toolkit to establish city and community zero waste systems


Zero Waste Masterplan

The Zero Waste Masterplan is the pioneering knowledge platform created by Zero Waste Europe and its members to support the further development of the zero waste model on a local level and turn circular economy in reality in Europe.


Plastic Free July

As the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, people around the world are demonstrating that a life free from unnecessary plastic and disposable material is still possible. This year’s Plastic Free July will continue paving the way to #BreakFreeFromPlastic while encouraging principles built on a just recovery from the pandemic.


Brand Audit

Mobilizing massive citizen muscle with a common mission so corporations can no longer frame the issue as one of only consumer responsibility


Plastic Free Campuses

Laying the foundation for a new generation of changemakers who are leading the revolution on the plastic pollution crisis, to understand one of the root causes of climate change and to seek out lasting solutions by engaging the biggest (and smallest) campuses and schools worldwide to go plastic-free.


Activist Toolkit for Students and Public Interest

Student PIRG's brings you this comprehensive toolkit providing the basic tools to run strong campaigns and win victories for students and the public interest.





Reusables Are Doable

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how people think about health and safety. In response, people around the world have stocked up on soaps, sanitizers, and disinfectant sprays, distanced themselves from friends and family, and limited trips to stores and restaurants. And in response to worker and customer concerns and an onslaught of plastic industry propaganda, plastic bans have been paused and reusables have been restricted in many locations. As retail establishments and restaurants reopen, and as COVID-19 cases continue to rise, it is imperative that reuse and refill systems are implemented that both protect our environment and alleviate any worker and customer concerns.



La pandemia de la Covid-19 está disparando el uso de materiales desechables, buena parte de ellos, innecesarios. Greenpeace USA recopila en este informe una nueva ola de sistemas innovadores de reutilización y recarga, para frenar la avalancha plástica que está contaminando el medioambiente y llegando incluso hasta nuestro propio organismo.



5 years after the European Directive on plastic bags was adopted, we’re still waiting for the first data to be reported by Member States to assess if the target of reducing the average plastic bag use in Europe by half has been achieved. Meanwhile, this report examines and compares the measures adopted at the national level through national scoreboards. It shows that while all countries have now transposed the Directive, only some have taken ambitious action to cut plastic bag pollution at source.


Sachet Economy: Big Problems in Small Packets

The report Sachet Economy: Big Problems in Small Packets looks into the sachet economy in the Philippines that continues to add to and worsen the growing plastics pollution problem, how the big businesses corrupted Filipino’s tingi culture, and a new study by the Research Center for Social Sciences and Education of the University of Santo Tomas that looks into the public attitude towards plastic pollution. The report presents new findings and recommendations for companies and policymakers to address the onslaught of plastic sachet waste in the Philippines.


Style Guide For Members

Break Free From Plastic is a global movement working to stop plastic pollution for good.

By linking together the many great initiatives happening all over the world, we demonstrate our size, diversity, and global reach. Using the logo and hashtag strengthens and amplifies our movement-wide message to #breakfreefromplastic!



How Plastic Production Pollutes Small Towns

Plastic pollutes at every step of the way but much of the consequences are hidden from view. We're pulling back the curtain to reveal the frontline communities being poisoned by plastic. This is The Story of Plastic. GET INVOLVED:

The Plastic Bag Diet

It's not that plastic waste in our world is mismanaged; it's that there is so much plastic being produced that it's unmanageable. Solutions start with reduction and prevention because by the time plastic enters the environment, it's already too late. GET INVOLVED:

Manila’s Zero Waste Neighborhoods

Plastic polluted neighborhoods in Manila are taking things into their own hands by creating systemic zero waste programs that collect all recyclables, compost all organics, and push for corporate accountability. GET INVOLVED:

Where Your Recycled Plastic Ends Up

The mass production of single-use plastic has put us in the biggest recycling crisis in history. LEARN MORE:


Ad Campaigns for Social Change

In this episode we talk with culture creator and social marketer Emma Riley, Strategic Partnership Director for Lonely Whale - the organization that helped put the plastic pollution issue on the mainstream map in a big way with their #stopsucking campaign in 2017.


A giant leap towards Throw-Away-Free Living

The story of Berkeley's groundbreaking disposable foodware ordinance, w/ Martin Bourque, Berkeley Ecology Center & Miriam Gordon, UPSTREAM


Culture Hacking the End of Plastic

From cigarettes to cups & concession stands, the history & future of changing social norms in America, w/ Matt Prindiville, UPSTREAM


Will the real solutions please stand up?

Take a closer look at the real solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.



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