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This is a story about a plot to trash the planet
and the global movement rising up to stop it

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#breakfreefromplastic is a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution. Watch the video below!

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Tired of hearing all the bad news about plastic? Check out The Indisposable Podcast, a new podcast by UPSTREAM focused on celebrating stories of solutions to plastic pollution. The better world we want is already being here - listen, learn, and help spread the good word!

Culture Hacking the End of Plastic

by UPSTREAM | The Indisposable Podcast


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Clean up the beach… and improve brand image!

This article was written by Zero Waste France Director, Flore Berlingen and was kindly translated by a Zero Waste France volunteer. A large-scale operation of abandoned waste collection is set to take place next Saturday, September 15 on World CleanUp Day. On this...

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Exxon, you’re not listening to Portland, Texas

Written by Errol Summerlin of Portland Citizens United. Article originally posted in Caller Times. Remember all the billboards Exxon had on display?  “We’re listening,” they said. Residents of Portland, the City Council, and the school board told them the location was...

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A Global Movement Against Gas and Fracking Is Rising

This blog was originally posted on Food & Water Europe's website. Food & Water Europe are a #breakfreefromplastic member and are working to make the connection between fracking and plastic pollution. Along with our partners, Food & Water Europe is part of...

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