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1. Prioritize health for people and planet

Public health must be protected, prioritizing frontline workers, fenceline communities, and vulnerable populations. Environments and human rights of impacted countries and communities cannot be compromised by the business interests of the global elite.

2. Invest in solutions, not bailouts

Deprioritize and divest from extractive industries and their boom and bust cycles. Transition the workforce into sustainable economies with free training programs. Bailouts must be investments in community resiliency, not corporate interests.

3. Replace single-use with sustainable systems

Single-use must be replaced with sustainable product delivery systems. The externalized costs from extraction to disposal must be eliminated.

4. Demand corporate and government accountability  

Corporate responsibility and accountability must be consistent in all regions where companies do business. Government policies must ensure countries manage their own waste. Policy is informed by credible, third-party science.

5. Engage impacted communities

Support community efforts to hold industry accountable for impacts. Regulators must measure and monitor emissions and health impacts. Policies that impact communities must respond to the impacts upon frontline communities.

These 5 #JustRecovery Principles align with #BreakFreeFromPlastic’s push for systemic change and a new normal for Plastic Free July. Join the movement now, and put corporations and your government accountable here: 

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