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International Zero Waste Cities Conference 2021

by admin | March 1, 2021

International Zero Waste Cities Conference 2021 Zero Waste challenges the “take-make-waste” mode, focusing on collective responsibility and waste prevention. To date, more than 25 cities across the region have established Zero Waste models, showcasing innovations in source separation, organics management, materials recovery, and plastic regulation. Several of these cities have also incorporated brand audits in […]


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Zero Waste Cities of Southeast Asia

by Janssen Calvelo, Southeast Asia Network Organizer, #breakfreefromplastic | February 11, 2021

Polluted beaches, plastic-clogged rivers, and marine animals washed up on shore with plastics found on their stomachs - these are just some of the pictures depicting the grim reality on the shores of Southeast Asia. Since 2015, Southeast Asia has been considered the world’s worst marine plastic polluter. Five countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia) ranked as part of the top ten countries polluting the oceans and seas with plastics and other wastes.