As governments plan to transition into a post-pandemic world, creating more resilient cities and communities is necessary now more than ever. A key to this transition is establishing zero-waste cities, which are essential to building more sustainable local economies, strengthening public health, and using resources efficiently.

For decades, the Asia-Pacific region has been touted as the center of the plastic pollution crisis, with many claiming that the lack of proper recycling infrastructure in lower-income countries have caused the influx of waste dumped into the sea. Now, we are shifting this narrative not only by exposing the issues brought by global waste trade and demanding accountability from plastic producers, but also by paving the way to making zero waste a possibility.

February is Zero Waste Month in Asia. And in this year’s celebrations, the #breakfreefromplastic movement is showcasing existing Zero Waste solutions in the Asia-Pacific. These include actions that any individual can do as well as measures that can be implemented by communities and cities.

Join us in taking the story back and highlighting that Asia-Pacific is a haven of solutions to plastic pollution. Check out the list of activities below to participate, or get in touch with us to share your own zero-waste activities and stories!
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The Story of Plastic | Free Online Screenings from February 1-12
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From Single-Use to Systems Change: A Call to Action
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Pass a national ban on single-use plastic in the Philippines!
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It’s Time to Reveal, Reduce, and Redesign for Lazada and Shopee!
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▪ February is Zero Waste Month in Asia Pacific and we’re not just talking about bringing an eco bag to the grocery store or skipping plastic straws. We’re gonna talk about Zero Waste SYSTEMS and community-wide solutions for a plastic-free future! 🙌🏾

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▪ February is Zero Waste Month in Asia Pacific and we’re kicking it up a notch! We’ll be talking about Zero Waste SYSTEMS and community-wide solutions for a plastic-free future! 🙌🏾

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#breakfreefromplastic #GoForZeroWaste
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