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What Happens to NZ’s Plastic Exports? Stories from Receiving Countries

by admin | July 1, 2020

Following China’s National Sword Programme, most of Aotearoa New Zealand’s (NZ) post-consumer plastics now go to Indonesia and Malaysia.



In Global Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

by admin | July 20, 2020

#BreakFreeFromPlastic Members around the world will continue to speak out for Justice in deep solidarity with all the leaders and organizations who are helping advance the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.  Social Justice. Racial Justice. Environmental Justice. We believe these are all part of a single, globally-connected Movement for Justice. We are committed to utilizing our platforms responsibly […]


Coordination Team

Sybil Bullock

by admin | April 16, 2020

Global Brand Audit Coordinator

Sybil is coordinating the Break Free From Plastic global brand audit project, a citizen science initiative working to identify the corporations most responsible for plastic pollution and hold them accountable. In this role, she supports our members around the world to organize brand audits, collect their data, and amplify their stories in our annual “BRANDED” […]


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A failure to face the climate emergency

by Sirine Rached | January 9, 2020

2019 saw intensifying climate chaos and mobilization for decisive action. Days before COP25 was due to start in Madrid under Chile’s presidency, the UN Environment Programme announced that countries had to cut their global greenhouse gas emissions by 7.6% every year until 2030 to get on track for the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement […]




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