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See how a school from Brazil is using brand audits to become a plastic-free campus

by Rafael Eudes | September 15, 2022

Photo credit: Franco Brasileiro School. Bottles, bags, straws, wrappers. A single word signifies items so common in our routine: plastic. Every #PlasticFreeJuly questions about the use of these materials are raised. What impact do they have on the environment? Where do they go after being discarded? How can they be reused in daily life? Franco […]


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Celebrating our Global Brand Audit Community

by admin | March 9, 2022

(Photo Credit: Trash Hero Indonesia/2021) When the #breakfreefromplastic movement was founded, its members around the world vowed to mobilize around a common vision of a world free from plastic pollution. A key tool for achieving that vision was the development of brand audits, a citizen science initiative to record and expose the names of the […]