The Story of Plastic is a searing expose, uncovering the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and the false solution of plastic recycling. Different from every other plastic documentary you’ve seen, The Story of Plastic presents a cohesive timeline of how we got to our current global plastic pollution crisis and how the oil and gas industry has successfully manipulated the narrative around it. This film introduces audiences to the heroes and the villains behind one of the world\’s most pressing environmental issues, from the extraction of fossil fuels to plastic disposal and the global resistance fighting back.
The world has drastically changed in the last few months because of COVID-19, and there’s no going “back to normal” even after it’s contained. The Story of Plastic’s message about the need for systems change and creating a more sustainable and equitable world is more important than ever. The Break Free From Plastic movement is calling on everyone to do what they can to ensure that vulnerable communities are protected, real solutions to the plastic pollution crisis are deployed, and that corporations and governments are held accountable.
After watching The Story of Plastic, here are some ways you can take action:

Join the Break Free From Plastic movement

Learn about the work of Break Free From Plastic members from around the world and get inspiration for starting your own initiatives in your community. Feel free to share your own campaigns or activities with the movement so others can learn from or collaborate with you.

Call for corporate responsibility

Add your name here to join millions of people from around the world demanding that massive consumer goods companies like Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coke, Unilever, and Mondelēz reject unnecessary throwaway plastics. There is no human health without planetary health, and these companies must embrace a green and just future by investing in reusable systems that keep public health and workers’ rights at their core.

Push for policy in your community or country

Call or write a letter to your local or national legislators and get your communities and networks to join you. You can ask to ban single-use plastics, or that corporations be required to invest in alternative delivery systems, or that your country rejects waste imports, among many others.

Check back here for more calls to action from Break Free From Plastic member organizations from around the world.