A Student Guide to becoming a Plastic-free trailblazer for your school in the time of Covid-19

“Youth can do things. We can be the CHANGE that the world needs today.”

– Isabel Wijsen,

Bye Bye Plastic Bags Indonesia

On the frontlines of the long and bruising climate fight and plastic ban lobbies are our youth leaders.

All over the world, students are informed, demanding for change, and rejecting further delays.

Break Free From Plastic presents this Student’s manual that

It gives the youth the tools to plan and implement activities for going plastic-free on campus in the time of COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, is a time to plan our transition into a plastic-free community.
These steps have been adapted to better suit schools in the Global South, help out students who need campaigning tools, and give a view of how plastic-free campuses are implemented.

The 6 Steps to Building a Plastic Free Campus


Understanding the need to go plastic-free

The science behind plastic, and its harmful impacts on the people and the planet.


Knowing the situation

Determining where your school community is at in terms of plastic use and waste management.


Taking action

A quick guide to launching actions – from raising awareness to fighting for institutional reforms around plastic use.


Building the program

An introduction to program planning around the plastic-free campus campaign.


Setting goals, crafting messages

Learning how to set realistic and resonant campaign goals and messages.


Building on gains

How to scale the campaign or redirect efforts, based on what has been achieved.

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