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Over 1 million people demand corporations reduce single-use plastics ahead of Earth Day

by admin | April 18, 2018

Washington, DC – More than one million people ahead of this year’s Earth Day (April 22) are demanding that the world’s largest corporations reduce their production of single-use plastic. Around the globe, over one million individuals have signed petitions, taken to stores and restaurants, and posted photos of ridiculous packaging on social media to call out […]


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Berkeley Legislation Aims to Curb Use of Disposable Foodware

by admin | April 12, 2018

[Berkeley, CA] The Berkeley City Council will soon consider the Disposable Foodware and Litter Reduction Ordinance, the most ambitious and comprehensive piece of municipal legislation in the US aimed at reducing single-use disposable foodware. The “Disposable-Free Dining” ordinance will get its first hearing at the April 24 Berkeley City Council Meeting. At 3pm that same day, Mayor Jesse Arreguin,  one of […]


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New Investments in Plastic Deserve Greater Scrutiny

by Dawn Marie Elisse Mundo | April 6, 2018

Industry is currently investing billions in capacity to expand plastic production. But as the world phases out fossil fuels and awareness of the dangers of plastics increases, it begs the question: Is plastic production a good long-term investment? Around the world, countries, cities, and individuals are ramping up efforts to phase out fossil fuels, but […]


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Photo Essay: Playgrounds and Pollution

by admin | April 4, 2018

ExxonMobil’s Baytown Complex, as seen from a playground directly across the street.   Alison’s Toxic Tour of Houston and its horrifying array of polluting facilities near homes and schools. Here’s what that means for you.   Toxic Tour: Why Houston? Last week in Houston, Texas I was fortunate enough go on an alarming but thoroughly enlightening […]