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Asia Pacific Coordinator

The Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator will provide overall coordination and leadership for #breakfreefromplastic initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. You will lead the development of inclusive strategies with BFFP members in the Asia Pacific to achieve the goal of a future free from plastic pollution. You will promote and highlight sustainable, effective and locally-driven initiatives that exist within the region by working with and supporting multiple stakeholders.
You are the best candidate for this post because you are

Highly-skilled in coordination and management: You are deeply committed to equity and equality, inclusivity and diversity. You are both consultative and decisive; you appreciate the importance of consultations but can also make quick decisions when necessary. You love building and nurturing relationships, and take great care in making members and partners feel valued and respected.

A global and local thinker: You thoroughly understand that local pollution and advocacy efforts can contribute to changing the global campaign and discourse on plastic pollution, and vice versa, and you are adept at making and articulating these connections. You are deeply respectful of and cognizant of the expertise and knowledge coming from different members of the community, and value the importance of bringing different perspectives together. 

Highly-skilled in program and project implementation: You continuously look for ways to make things better, more efficient and effective. You are organized and disciplined with your time and resources, know how to prioritize and know how to support your team members to accomplish their respective responsibilities.

Goal-oriented but flexible: You always have one eye on the big picture, and another eye on the details. While you never waver from achieving the larger mission, you are highly adaptable and can adjust to changing realities and situations easily. 

Solutions-oriented: You are not easily overwhelmed by setbacks and obstacles, you love thinking on your feet to develop solutions and help your team overcome challenges, and you continually learn and adapt to motivate yourself and your team to win!

Strong in organizational, financial and administrative management: You are highly-experienced in delivering administrative, organizational and financial functions such as staff management, HR services, fundraising, budget tracking & reporting and overall financial management, report-writing and other related responsibilities.

Well-rounded and confident: You have facilitation, writing, public-speaking, negotiation, mediation and other skills that you can easily pull out of the hat when needed. You are not afraid of speaking out especially in high-level discourses and can hold your own in stressful and crucial situations. You can clearly articulate technical issues in a manner that makes it easier for the general public to understand.

Job Description
  • Role duration: This role is subject to grant funding, funding has been secured until March 2026

  • Role Salary & benefits: Competitive, based on location and grading levels of the host organisation. Pending the location of the successful candidate, arrangements for consultant employment arrangements may be required. We offer a competitive salary plus benefits, including health insurance, vacation, maternity/paternity leave, and other similar employment protection.

  • Role Type: Coordination/Project and people management

  • Role Location: Applicants with the right to work in any country within the Asia Pacific may apply (with the exception of Mainland China). There is a preference for this position to be based in South or Southeast Asia, reflective of the membership they will work with.

  • Role Flexibility: This role is full-time and equivalent to 5 days a week, with flexibility to adjust working hours as it regularly requires outside of normal office hours availability.

  • Reports toMatrix management systems may be in place, however, primary workflow and line management will be held by the BFFP Global Coordinator.

  • Direct Reports: Matrix management systems may apply, with overseeing workflow management for staff assigned to the Asia Pacific (currently up to 6) 

    • 2 Direct reports (Network organisers - funding dependent until March 2026) 
    • 1-2  Project Coordinators (funding dependent - until March 2024) 
    • 2 Workflow management (communications- funding dependent until March 2026) 
    • Consultants, suppliers and project staff as assigned
The Roles (job purpose)

The Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of strategies, program and movement within the region - with a focus on South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. The role delivers interdisciplinary programs and supports the development of a strong, vibrant and resilient movement in the region. The Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator will ensure the delivery - and sustainability of work and the movement in the region, co-creating and collaborating with BFFP members in the region, in alignment with BFFP coordination teams around the world and with management oversight of the Asia Pacific Coordination Team. 

No day will ever be the same! 

What success looks like
  • BFFP in the Asia Pacific has members collaborating on key projects to achieve the goals of a future free from plastic pollution. We are delivering high impact campaigning that amplifies the lived experiences and innovation from the region. 
  • There are sustainable, stable and transparent processes in place for members, the coordination team and our communities are supported to lead and participate in various campaigns, activities and learning opportunities. There is capacity within the region to deliver work according to our co-created strategies 
  • BFFP in the Asia Pacific is also demonstrating strong leadership within BFFP. 
Key Responsibilities and Duties

1. Ensure the BFFP AP Strategy is delivered in alignment with the BFFP Global Strategy and regional members priorities.

  • BFFP AP strategies are developed, designed, delivered and reviewed with BFFP members and partners 
  • Support, manage and coordinate the delivery of strategic plans and projects among key sub-regions, (particularly sub-regions outside of Mainland China) South Asia and Southeast Asia;
  • Develop high impact projects relevant to the key strategies.
  • Contribute to global efforts to reduce plastic pollution by continually linking and aligning local with regional and global efforts and vice versa, whenever possible;
  • Support regional working groups and project teams to deliver planned work and ensure that composition of these groups and teams are inclusive. 
  • Develop and support involvement of BFFP members in the Asia Pacific to lead, contribute and participate in key campaigning moments/peaks/projects (regional and global)

2. Build the strength of the BFFP movement in the Asia Pacific region 

  • Create linkages and opportunities between communities, organisations and other players within the region, including outreach to other regional movements and potential partners along the plastic supply chain, to bolster local/national/regional efforts;
  • Oversee the development of science- and fact-based publications, research, papers and other materials related to plastic pollution, particularly its impact on health and the environment, and create partnerships with academic and scientific institutions for the publication of these materials;
  • Convene, support and set the agenda for the BFFP Asia Pacific Advisory Council;
  • Work with South and Southeast Asia Network Organizers in identifying and implementing capacity-building opportunities for members;

3. Identify and develop collaborations and partnerships with allies and key stakeholders in line with programmatic and project priorities. People and Program management

  • Supervise the BFFP regional team and ensure the delivery of key personnel services, such as coaching, training, staff meetings and team planning particularly during peak campaign moments; 
  • Lead and support grant management and fundraising activities to sustain the regional work against plastic pollution.
  • Maintain management oversight such as budget, activities and impact assessment tracking. 
  • As required, represent BFFP Asia Pacific in crucial meetings and activities while building capacity of members to allow for broader representation


4. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned and agreed with the Global Coordinator

  • Contribute to be part of a global team


Key Relationships

This role will need to be able to maintain a range of different relationships - many which will be remote and online, some that will be ‘internal’ and some that are key target audiences. 

  • BFFP Asia Pacific Coordination Team 
  • BFFP Global Coordination team and  counterparts in other regions - including the Communications Hub 
  • Fiscal Sponsor 
  • Key organisations involved in leading BFFP projects Movement members - in the Asia Pacific 
  • Funders, potential donors and supporters.   
  • Allies, potential partners, key stakeholders and other external audiences
  • Consultants, Suppliers and contractors
Person Specifications: Knowledge, Skills and Experiences


  • At least five (5) years of experience in a coordination, campaigning and management, including programme and project implementation, preferably with an international non-profit/people’s organisation or network; 
  • Familiarity with environmental justice values and principles, and a commitment to supporting and collaborating with communities and organisations;
  • Skilled in staff supervision and management and in managing staff in a high-pressure and constantly-evolving environment;
  • Highly-skilled in facilitation and group processes such as staff, project, member and partner meetings, webinars, planning and evaluation processes;
  • Fluent in English, with strong writing and public-speaking skills and the ability to transform complex and technical information into digestible, relatable and simple messages to inform and influence public opinion;
  • Highly-computer literate, comfortable with new media technologies and able to use and learn communication tools;
  • Willingness and availability to work with flexibility and with mutli-cultural teams - including travel on a regular basis (local, regional and international)

Desirable (one or more of the following)

  • Ability to speak or write in other regional language/s
  • Experience working in remote/ distance based teams
  • Experience in working in (one or more) policy, campaigning, social and environmental justice, communications or related fields
  • Skilled in fundraising and grant management - familiar with international development funds, foreign private foundations and donors;
  • Research experience and skilled in facilitating research process;
  • Knowledge of or familiarity with Zero Waste, waste management, energy, plastics and climate issues, regional political, media and social landscape
  • Experience in network development and/or within people’s movements, or within the NGO environment.

Personal qualities

  • Consultative and decisive
  • Collaborative team‐player with strong interpersonal communication skills and demonstrated experience in working with people from different cultures and nationalities in the region
  • Demonstrated ability to turn projects around in a timely manner, maintain attention to detail, and adhere to deadlines; 
  • Flexible, open, adaptive, responsive and resilient. Takes initiative and is outcome and solution focused. 
  • A global and local thinker, Goal-oriented but flexible, Well rounded and confident
Equal employment opportunity

We are committed to equal employment opportunity principles and to provide all employees with a safe work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We welcome you regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, physical ability, or any other status unrelated to the performance of the job. People from historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

If you meet some of the criteria - we encourage you to apply, even if you don't meet all of them. We understand that long lists can be overwhelming and that some candidates might hesitate if they don't meet every single criterion.

Please send your application through this form. APPLICATIONS WITH INCOMPLETE DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED.

  1. Updated resume and cover letter with your salary requirements; please include at least 2 references/links to programs/projects you provided leadership/management to.
  2. 2-3 references (IMPORTANT: 2 of your references must be your immediate supervisors or managers, or colleagues who worked closely with you in recent programs/projects/campaigns);

No calls, please. Deadline of submission is on 13 October 2023, please consider applying ASAP as qualified applicants will be screened and shortlisted immediately, and the position may be filled before the deadline. Should you have further questions about the role, please contact

About Break Free From Plastic

#breakfreefromplastic is a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution. We believe in a world where the land, sky, oceans, and water is home to an abundance of life, not an abundance of plastic, and where the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat is free of toxic by-products of plastic pollution.

Our vision is a world where the principles of environmental justice, social justice, public health, and human rights led government policy, not the demands of elites and corporations. This is a future we believe in and are creating together. We come together with a common goal - to bring systemic change through a holistic approach to tackling plastic pollution across the whole plastics value chain, focusing on prevention rather than cure, and providing effective solutions. Read More about our Principles here 

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