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The 10th China Zero Waste Forum

​​On December 15th, the 10th China Zero Waste Forum convened in Beijing under the theme "Long-Term Mechanisms for Waste Management and Public Participation Under Dual Carbon Goals."

China Zero Waste Alliance

On December 15th, the 10th China Zero Waste Forum convened in Beijing under the theme "Long-Term Mechanisms for Waste Management and Public Participation Under Dual Carbon Goals." The morning session featured the main forum, while the afternoon included three sub-forums on waste sorting, plastic issues, and end-of-life treatment. Despite heavy snowfall in Beijing, nearly 200 participants from across the country attended the forum in person.

The forum was jointly organized by the Alxa SEE Ecology Association North China Project Center, China Zero Waste Alliance, SEE Foundation, Shenzhen One Foundation, and Shanghai Hongkou Green Industry Development Center. It received support from the Vanke Foundation and Friends of Nature Foundation. Co-organizers included the Shanghai Aifen Environmental Protection Technology Consulting Service Center, Wuhu Ecology Center, and Zero Waste Shenzhen.

Keynote Speeches

  • Professor Liu Jianguo from Tsinghua University discussed waste's relationship with carbon emissions and waste classification optimization in his presentation, "Scientific Management and System Optimization of Waste Classification."
  • Professor Du Huanzheng from Tongji University, in his speech titled "From Zero Waste to Waste-Free Cities—China's Path to Green Transformation," emphasized the need for a transformation in consumer concepts to drive a new green supply chain.
  • Associate Professor Li Changjun from Nanjing Agricultural University shared insights on "Policy, Reasons, and Suggestions in the Replication of China's Waste Classification Policy."
  • Pan Yonggang advocated for the reuse of recycled raw materials in his speech, "Improving the Recycling System to Promote the Green and Low-Carbon Utilization of Recyclables."
  • Professor Wen Zongguo from Tsinghua University proposed that a circular economy, through ecological design and service substitution, is more conducive to carbon emission reduction than recycling.

Sub Forum - Waste Classification

The first part of the waste classification sub-forum explored the sources of long-term sustainability for waste classification. In the second part, participants shared experiences on enhancing different groups' enthusiasm to participate in zero waste activities.

Sub Forum - Plastic Pollution

In the plastic pollution sub-forum, stakeholders discussed solutions against the backdrop of China's "Dual Carbon" goals and the "Global Plastic Treaty" negotiation. Guest speakers who attended and spoke included Associate Researcher and Assistant Director Zhao Nana from the School of Environment at Tsinghua University/Basel Convention Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific, who is also one of the delegates participating in INC3 held in Nairobi,  Zhang Xunyang, researcher from the Energy Research Institute at Peking University, Deng Ping, Chief Representative of the Pacific Environment Chongqing Office, Zheng Lixia, Vice Secretary-General of the Recycling Plastic Branch of the China National Resources Recycling Association, Shao Xuefei, Senior Manager of Sustainable Development Operations at BASF Greater China, and Li Chunhua, the General Secretary of the Nanjing Greenstone Environmental Protection Center. In the roundtable session of the sub-forum, in addition to the aforementioned guest speakers, Chen Xi from the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment also participated in the discussion.

Sub Forum – End-of-life Treatment

In this sub-forum, experts presented social cost analyses of various domestic waste disposal methods, discussed carbon emissions and sustainable development in domestic waste systems, and explored the potential of commercial models in waste management under the "Dual Carbon" context.

During the closing session, Dr. Mao Da, Chairman of the Shenzhen Zero Waste, interpreted the "Zero Waste Consensus and Initiative." Professor Tan Shuang, Deputy Dean of the School of Law at China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), summarized and concluded the forum with the theme "Multilateral Dialogue Driving Collaborative Governance of Waste."

Finally, the Zero Waste Forum announced its action plan for 2024, extending the zero waste concept from the forum to daily lives through initiatives by various organizations. The event, adhering to the zero waste concept, minimized single-use items and actively promoted waste sorting and responsible disposal.

As part of this year's Zero Waste Forum, the Zero Waste Carnival on December 16 featured the "Zero Waste Citywalk" activity, inviting the public to explore urban "zero waste" practices and embrace a more considerate "no waste" lifestyle for the Earth.


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