- Posted on October 27, 2020

Thank you #BrandAudit2020 Participants and Organizers


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Each year, Break Free From Plastic changemakers and allies conduct a global audit of plastic waste collected from cleanups in order to hold the top corporate polluters accountable. This year is no exception. With a loud and clear message to KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, countless volunteers safely participated in brand audit events all over the world.

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Despite the challenges of organizing during a global pandemic, 197 organizations and hundreds more independent volunteers joined #BrandAudit2020. A total of 49 countries across 6 continents were represented. With the data collected from these initiatives, Break Free From Plastic will publish the annual Brand Audit report and name the top plastic polluters of 2020. Stay tuned for the launch in the coming weeks! Until then, let’s hear from the amazing people who organized and participated in brand audits.  

We asked participants to share why they joined this initiative, and what was the most valuable thing they learned from their experience taking part in Break Free From Plastic's Brand Audit 2020?

“What was striking when completing the audit was how many of these brands are owned by such few companies - huge multinational companies that are causing so much pollution when they have the money and capability to make such better choices.” -Bettina (UK)

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© Nature Cares Resource Centre Household, Nigeria, Toyin Oshaniwa, 2020

Participating in the 2020 brand audit has taught me the real danger posed by plastic and the reason why we must discourage more plastic production at its source and hold companies responsible for pumping more plastic into our environment. With this brand audit, I have been able to identify the brands mostly patronized by consumers due to the corporation marketing strategy and reduced price - in the case of our city it is Royal Crown company popularly called RC and Bigi produced by Rite Foods are the current most used and patronized soft drinks in the market now in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. In this context, education, as a powerful tool, should serve a constructive purpose to prepare Nigerian young people to actively participate in the process of fighting against plastic pollution.” - Anita Nwonu (Nigeria)

“I believe that we need to flip the narrative from consumer responsibility to corporate responsibility when it comes to destroying our own habitat with plastic. The Brand Audit was a way to literally get my hands dirty and look at the issue from up close and personal.” - Colin V (USA)

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© Wason Wanichakorn / Greenpeace

“We joined this initiative as a part of our efforts to spread awareness about plastic waste. We learned about the amount of waste produced by us, we need to change our lifestyle. We learn that despite rules and EPR provisions, there is no initiative by any big brands.” - Paryavaran Mitra (India)

“I joined to be part of a global movement and break free from plastic. To encourage plastic polluters to stop mass production.” - Jorge Rico (Colombia)

I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, for a cause that I care about. I do make an effort to reduce the amount of plastic I consume, but I know that this is not enough. Although I did the Brand Audit by myself, it felt nice to think about the other people who are participating in this project, in different parts of the globe. It made me feel less alone. I also learned that sorting and determining what kind of plastic something is, is a little bit more difficult than it sounds!” - Anonymous


To our tireless and dedicated participants, thank you so much for joining us in the cleanups, data collection, and last but not least, in demanding REAL solutions. You truly are heroes in your own right. Continue to inspire and change the world with us! Together, let’s #BreakFreeFromPlastic

Here’s a video dedicated to each and everyone who contributed to #BrandAudit2020. 

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