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Nurdle Hunt in Port of Antwerp & Schelde (estuary of river Scheldt – Belgium & The Netherlands)

Science, environmental activism and a refreshing family excursion!

Matt Franklin

On November 3, 2019 Antwerpen Schaliegasvrij (Shale Free Antwerp) is organizing a plastic nurdle hunt in the Scheldt estuary. The aim of the action is to obtain a clear picture of the seriousness of the pollution caused by these 'plastic granules' ('nurdles' or 'pellets' in English) in the estuary of the Scheldt river. We combine science and research with a fun family day. We randomly search along the banks for plastic pellets that have been washed ashore. We take notes of the location, make pictures and collect samples. This pollution is mainly generated by the plastics industry itself. Nurdles are constantly being spilled when loading or unloading ships and trucks and eventually end up in the Scheldt.

Antwerpen Schaliegasvrij invites everyone to this child-friendly event which combines science with environmental activism and a refreshing trip along the river Scheldt. The plastic nurdle hunt is a continuation and extension of "The Great Nurdle Hunt", an international initiative by FIDRA.

Join us between 10 am and 11:30 am at Stormkop on t'Eilandje, (Droogdokkenweg, 2030 Antwerp). From there, hunting parties leave for the nearest nurdle handling factories (production, processing or transportation). Or become a team coordinator and set up your own team in another specific area of the Scheldt Estuary. After the hunt we return to Stormkop to collect and make an inventory of the nurdle samples (not mandatory for teams operating at more remote locations outside the Port area – several collection sites will be communicated), after which we will discuss the first results with the press and all participants during an informal drink and information session.

Related news: Last week, a group of citizens from Texas succeeded in enforcing an amicable USD 50 million settlement of Formosa Plastics Corp. Formosa is a petrochemical giant and plastics manufacturing company responsible for polluting local waters with billions of plastic nurdles. The large amount of physical evidence (nurdles) collected may have been decisive in this case. It is estimated that the port of Antwerp has 6 times more plastic producing capacity.

Find out more about our event? Check our website or the Facebook event page.
Find out more about the trial in Texas? Check the press release.

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