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SAVE THE DATE: Nov 23 - Dec 2 2018 | Greenpeace & partners announce MAKE SMTHNG Week to fight overconsumption and waste


Hamburg, Sep 24, 2018 - To fight overconsumption and our current throw-away lifestyle, campaign organizations Greenpeace, Fashion Revolution, #Breakfreefromplastic, Shareable, the Fab City Global Initiative and Fablabs community invite the public to the second MAKE SMTHNG Week: a week of action for the global maker movement to replace shopping with creative ideas on how to reuse, upcycle, repair and share existing goods. The week will kick off on Black Friday, Nov 23, a major shopping day that generates billions of sales and tons of waste.

Starting from Black Friday until Dec 2nd 2018, Greenpeace and its partners will ask the public to MAKE SMTHNG - BUY NOTHING. MAKE SMTHNG Week invites and encourage makers from across the globe to host and organize hands-on workshops and events in their local communities to teach people simple maker skills.

“Black Friday has become one of the major peaks of consumerism. We want to show that everyone can make positive change in their cities by using creativity, community spirit and maker skills to make the most of what we already own. Our global week of action brings together people with incredible making, upcycling, repair, reuse, zero waste and cooking skills. Buying less is not only great for the planet, it’s also fun and social.” said Kirsten Brodde, the global project leader of MAKE SMTHNG Week.

This year’s motto is MAKE CHANGE, asking makers around the globe to act as changemakers in their communities. Together with Arts Thread, the coalition put out a call for creative ideas to “Disrupt Black Friday” this upcoming November 23. The competition asks artists, designers and creatives  to come up with a disruptive piece of public artivism, installation or community action. The winner of the “Disrupt Black Friday” competition will see his/her design implemented by one participating Greenpeace office. A shortlist of guerilla actions that people can independently implement will be presented to the international network of makers on Oct 10, while the overall winner will be declared on Oct 17.

MAKE SMTHNG Week will also invite the public to sign up for its MAKE SMTHNG challenge to get tips and tutorials on how to get started with making more and buying less.

Last year’s MAKE SMTHNG Week drew over 15.000 people to 186 workshop events in 33 countries, with hundreds of makers, creatives, artists, designers and chefs teaching skills like upcycling, visible mending, repairing, cooking and making in their workshops.

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