, - Posted on March 03, 2018

Bandung City to host International Zero Waste Cities Conference

BANDUNG, Indonesia (March 2, 2018) --- Government officials, civil society organizations and Zero Waste communities and practitioners will gather in Bandung, Indonesia for this year's International Zero Waste Cities Conference (IZWC) to be held on March 5-7. With its theme, "Circular City is the Future City", this year's IZWC presents a new approach for policy makers in managing solid waste through economic and life qualities’ improvement of urban citizens.

"Through implementation of zero waste and the circular economy model, we hope it would be an interesting solution for leaders and policy makers of Indonesia for urban development," said Ria Ismaria, National Head of The Steering Committee of IZWCC 2018. 

Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages the lifecycle management of materials so that all products can be reused. It emphasizes the utilization and reuse of sustainable natural resources. And in a circular economy, extractive models that engage in take-make-waste activities have been abandoned.

"Zero waste recognizes the importance of a system that works effectively across all business scales: large and small, organizations and individuals, global and local," said Froilan Grate, Regional Coordinator of GAIA Asia Pacific.

With "Circular City is the Future City" as the main theme, IZWCC 2018 will present this concept to local leaders and officials as a solution to the waste problem while creating resources for development towards sustainable cities. 

IZWCC 2018 will serve as a gathering of city officials and community leaders from the Zero Waste model cities of India, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States, the European Union and Indonesia, demonstrating how they can reduce waste transported by the landfill in a proven, and relatively easy way to replicate. 

This year's International Zero Waste Cities Conference is jointly organized by #breakfreefromplastic members Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Asia Pacific (GAIA Asia Pacific)Yayasan Pengembangan Biosains dan Bioteknologi (YPBB), and Alliance Zero Waste Indonesia (AZWI).

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