Steering Committees

Joan Marc Simon

Director of Zero Waste Europe


He is based in Brussels where he works as Director of Zero Waste Europe.

Zero Waste Europe is a network of 22 zero waste groups in Europe with the mission of redesigning our relationship with resources and also brings together 350 municipalities moving towards zero waste. He has been a leading voice for Zero Waste in Europe since 2007, dramatically increasing the visibility and policy impact of Zero Waste efforts in this time. He is a regular keynote speaker in meetings in Brussels but also at local level as well as internationally.

In 2015 he has authored the Zero Waste Case Study “The Story of Contarina” and “The Story of Gipuzkoa” as well as the book “Zero Waste – How to reactivate the economy without trashing the planet”. With training in Economics and Development Cooperation, he has more than 10 years of experience working with governmental and non-governmental organisations in the field of good governance, new economics, social justice, and environment.