Steering Committees

Jacqueline Savitz

Chief Policy Officer, Oceana


With training in marine biology and nearly three decades of policy experience, Jacqueline brings a combination of sound science, clear environmental vision and successful leadership to Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. As Chief Policy Officer, she oversees all of Oceana’s work in North America and directs the organization’s new international campaign to reduce the amount of single-use plastic being produced at the source.

Jacqueline’s 16-plus-year tenure at Oceana has involved a variety of positions, including senior scientist, senior campaign director and vice president for U.S. campaigns. She’s a co-founder of Global Fishing Watch — an online platform that offers the first free global view of commercial fishing, in partnership with SkyTruth and Google — and currently serves on its board of directors. She also designed and led Oceana’s campaigns to stop the expansion of offshore drilling, eliminate the use of mercury in chlorine production and improve wastewater treatment technology on cruise ships.