Steering Committees

Anne Aittomaki

Plastic Change - Strategic Director


Based in Copenhagen Denmark she works in Plastic Change as Head of Development and Strategy.

As a trained cultural and social anthropologist she applies system thinking and design approaches to accelerate the transition in sustainable resource optimization and human-centered design systems. In Plastic Change she leads a movement building impact mission, engage in political debates and design strategic storytelling campaigns around plastic.

She is a strong national voice in public and political arenas and media – and is a frequent keynote speaker at national and at international conferences.

Combining her previous work experiences from public, private and NGO settings she draws on a versatile toolbox to address the issue of plastic pollution from new angles. Anne is a strong advocate for systems subversion in solving the plastic crisis and linear resource thinking in general and is inspired by the Albert Einstein quote “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.