The Philippines Corporate Campaigner will lead BFFP Philippines’ corporate campaigns and all related engagements. As the corporate campaigner, you will develop and implement an effective and integrated corporate campaign strategy with the primary goal of influencing and transforming corporate policies and practices to dramatically reduce plastic pollution. You will have a unique opportunity to help shape decisions made at global corporate desks, make corporations accountable for the pollution and environmental degradation that their products and processes create, and transform product delivery services for the better.  This position reports to the BFFP Philippines coordinator.   As the Corporate Campaigner, you are:

  • Fearless: You are a leader and a trail-blazer. You are passionate about accountability and are not afraid to push boundaries to create change. You have an ability to think out of the box, and you do not shy away from going head-to-head with more resourced corporate machinery, because you know you stand for what is right.
  • Committed to environmental justice values and principles: You truly believe that the earth is a living organism and is not merely a resource, and that everyone has equal but differentiated responsibilities to protect and conserve the earth’s resources.
  • Highly-skilled in campaign, advocacy and policy work: You are an expert in leading and managing difficult campaigns and ensuring its delivery to a successful end. You are confident with your skills in policy work and lobbying, and in influencing policies and practices to protect the greater good.
  • Skilled in coordination and managing relationships: You love working with people from different backgrounds, and are able to draw leadership qualities and fearlessness in people. You are especially adept in elevating the power of frontline and grassroots communities, and in providing them a platform to speak for themselves and hold corporations accountable and responsible for their legacy of pollution and contamination.
  • Highly-skilled in communication: Whether written or verbal, you are an expert in communicating complex issues (such as plastic pollution and the crucial role of corporations in stopping the flow of plastics). You know you can engage successfully with corporate, government, public sector and community players, and effectively communicate and articulate BFFP’s larger goals and mission.
  • Organized and focused: You are not easily overwhelmed by circumstances, can prioritize and refocus when necessary, and never lose sight of the big picture. At the same time, you have the ability to absorb and remember information easily, have a keen attention to details and are able to pull up information and data necessary during crucial periods to support your engagements.


As the Corporate campaigner, you will:

  • Run and win BFFP Philippines’ corporate campaign by actively engaging with multiple sectors in influencing corporations to take lasting and measurable action to drastically reduce the production of single-use and disposable plastic products and packaging;
  • Work with the Policy and Advocacy Coordinator in monitoring crucial policy developments related to plastics, and ensure that these are immediately relayed to your team and the BFFP network, are countered and documented;
  • Represent BFFP Philippines in meetings, hearings, technical working groups and related activities organized with corporations, government agencies and offices, media events and in other spaces;
  • Monitor corporate action and decisions related to plastic production, document and relay these developments to your team, and lead proactive and reactive action to challenge these decisions;
  • Develop and popularize fact- and science-based information, materials, publications and statements to generate public support in holding corporations accountable for their legacy of plastic pollution; and
  • Contribute to BFFP’s global corporate campaign by providing timely updates and information to relevant team members at the regional and global levels, and participating in regular strategy meetings and calls.

Required Qualifications:

  • At least three (3) years of successful experience in coordinating and managing a winning corporate campaign;
  • A passion for equity, accountability, social change, and in building relationships and elevating frontline communities and grassroots organizations;
  • Highly-skilled in leading and implementing a multi-faceted, high-stakes campaign with multiple stakeholders;
  • Fluent in English, with excellent public speaking skills and extensive experience in giving media interviews or engaging with members of the media, and ample experience in engaging in high level discourse;
  • Excellent writing skills, with an ability to easily understand complex technical information and translate these into simple and relatable content;
  • Good knowledge of corporate practices and landscape, and understanding of how to engage successfully with corporate players;
  • Highly computer literate and comfortable with new media technologies and extensive use of online communication;
  • Willing to participate in calls outside of regular office hours; and
  • Willing to travel with some regularity.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Zero Waste, waste management, incineration, plastics, climate and/or energy policy issues; and
  • Experience with non-profit and non-government organizations in the Asia Pacific region.

To Apply: Please send your updated resume and cover letter with your salary requirements and 3 references, along with at least 2 writing samples or references/links to campaigns you’ve led or spearheaded, to with the subject line “POSITION YOU’RE APPLYING FOR – (YOUR NAME).”  No calls, please. Deadline of submission is on February 21, 2020.

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