Toolkits & Blueprints

We have all the tools campuses will need to begin breaking free from plastic.

Break Free From Plastic's Plastics Education Manual

The foundation of any plastic-free campaign will be an informed school community. Break Free From Plastic has created this Plastics Education Manual, which includes a curriculum map to help teachers design lesson plans for any grade level, adapt modules to existing classes, and provide lessons for homeschooling.

Reopening Plastic-free Campuses for the Global South

These manuals are specifically designed to jumpstart your plastic-free journey locally. Crafted from existing practices and tools of plastic-free campuses worldwide, these steps have been adapted to better fit schools in the Global South. As nations plan their transitions into a new normal, it is now more important to pause and plan for a better society that is plastic-free.

Author: Break Free From Plastic


The Post-Landfill Action Network cultivates, educates, and inspires the student-led zero waste movement. They inform students about the waste crisis and equip them with the necessary skills and resources to implement solutions to waste in their campus communities. PLAN empowers our generation to be changemakers.

Author: Post-landfill Action Network

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Resources for all levels, including ocean-going education programs.

Author: Plastic Pollution Coalition

Gallifrey Foundation’s Plastic Free Campus, PFC is dedicated to helping schools fight single-use plastic pollution worldwide. PFC helps schools make a difference for the environment and our own health.


Wayfinder Society

The Wayfinder Society gives young leaders the tools, guidance and network to meet the challenge and discover new solutions.

Author: Algalita

Nextgen Curriculum

Whether you’re a teacher, informal educator, parent or someone who’s interested in learning more about plastic pollution you’ll want to check out our Elementary and Middle/High School Next Generation Science Standards aligned curriculum! Much like our mission, both the elementary and middle/high school curriculum aim to help raise awareness and inspire action against plastic pollution. The curriculum is designed to be flexible so while it works as a cohesive unit, you can also draw lessons and activities to support many subjects through the lens of plastic pollution.

Author: 5 Gyres

kNOw Plastics

This fun and easy to use educational programme in English integrates the latest scientific research on plastics. Through experiential learning, children are empowered to become part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Author: Wasteless

Homeschool with Common Seas

Common Seas have developed 16 fun, free and easy-to-use activities, so that children (and adults!) can continue to learn about ocean plastics at home, if they are not attending school. And because they are drawn straight from Common Seas Ocean Plastics Academy, they’re also academically robust and supported by a wealth of curriculum aligned resources for those families who feel more confident to explore the subject in more depth.

Author: Common Seas

Cafeteria Culture


Cafeteria Culture (CafCu) is an environmental education organization working with youth to creatively ​achieve zero waste schools, plastic free waters, and climate smart communities by merging citizen science and civic action with media and the arts.

Author: Cafeteria Culture

Campus Blueprint

This blueprint is going to be the roadmap of your school’s journey to breaking free from plastic. Each step will help you create concrete plans to go plastic-free and will get you one step closer to creating sustainable systems within your school!

Author: Break Free From Plastic

Individual Action Plan

This individual action plan is your student survival guide into creating a Plastic-free Campus in your school.

Author: Break Free From Plastic

Sea Huggers

Free support for families and teachers learning at home, for grades Pre-K through 5th Grade. Help your kiddos foster connection and awe for Mama Ocean from anywhere with Sea Hugger!

Here is our mission statement:

Sea Hugger is a nonprofit organization focused on protecting and healing the marine environment from plastic pollution through action and education to drive systemic change that addresses the root cause of the issue. Our mission is to educate the public to reduce plastic dependency, while focusing on protecting the marine environment, ensuring the intrinsic rights of aquatic life, and helping create sustainable communities that are no longer affected by plastic pollution.

Author: Sea Huggers