Action Plan

You have taken the first step and signed the

Global Petition! Now what can you do as one person?

Step 1: You have taken the first step and have signed the Global Petition. Now let your friends know that you want your university or school to go plastic-free!

Before anything else, let others know that you are campaigning for your institution to go plastic-free by using this Facebook frame or Instagram template, or sharing on these platforms. Gather your passionate schoolmates who would like to petition with you and organize a campaign to make it happen! There is power in student organization and the youth can be the driving force for systemic change within their own communities.

Use the caption “I urge (UNIVERSITY NAME) to #breakfreefromplastic! If you would like to join me, sign up through this link.”

Step 2: Form your own Eco Campus Task Force that will be running the plastic-free campaign with you

Choose a leader, an advisor, and a storyteller for your progress!

It is important to have a leader who will steer the group in the right direction, facilitate your discussions, and fire your passions towards campaigning for your school. The leader should be a responsible role model who is up for setting goals, managing timelines, and creating new leaders within your Task Force, and could be you!

As an adviser, a member of the faculty, staff, or administration will play a key role in connecting you with the right people to help fast-track the program and make your campaign possible. If you have an Office of Sustainability,  they would be a great place to start! Make sure they’re as passionate about the environment as you are!

The storyteller will record your progress and news, as well as liaise with Break Free From Plastic to help you reach your goals and communicating your successes.

Step 3: Conduct an awareness campaign with your Eco Task Force

There are endless numbers of ways to spread awareness about your campaign in your school. 

Here are a few ideas:

  1. PLAN’s Zero Waste Events Guide
  2. Cafeteria Culture
  3. PLAN’s Plastic-free Campus Manual
  4. PLAN’s Reusable To-go Container Guide
  5. PLAN’s Creative Reuse on Campus
  6. PLAN’s Flow Don’t Throw
  7. PLAN’s Move Out Manual
  8. PLAN’s Free and Thrift Store Manual


If you need extra financial support to run your campaign, you can apply for a microgrant. *To be launched in January


Make sure that you document your events, encourage more people to sign the Global Petition, and let us know about your progress!

Step 4: Learn more about individual lifestyle changes you could make


☐ Remember to bring your refillable bottle
☐ Take a reusable coffee cup and refuse single-use take away cups
☐ Refuse single-use packaging
☐ Resist a straw
☐ Refuse a single-use plastic bag and take your own reusable one
☐ Pack your own reusable cutlery
☐ Avoid single-use plastics in the bathroom
☐ Refuse single-use condiment sachets

And remember the Zero Waste Hierarchy when handling trash:

Step 5: Set goals, which could include setting a meeting with your chancellor or president

Present your Global Petition to your School or University President and explain why this is important to your school.

Step 6: Join the greater movement!

1. Do a brand audit within your school and submit it to the BFFP website.

2. Keep posted through our newsletters and Join Break Free From Plastic webinars!

Keep updated on Social Media!