Plastic-Free Campus

Global Petition


I, __________________, a (YOUR YEAR LEVEL AND COURSE IF APPLICABLE) student at (SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY)  in (TOWN/CITY/COUNTRY) urge my school/university to Break Free From Plastic.

By signing this petition as an individual, I recognize the following:

  1. While individual actions to reduce the use of single-use plastic—like using a reusable container—are important, systemic and institutional change is needed to achieve true and lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. Educational institutions play a key role in developing responsible citizens who will take the lead in bringing about the systems change necessary to end plastic pollution.
  2. Plastic pollution is a crisis driven by the linear consumption economy, which affects all life forms.
  3. Plastic is made out of fossil fuels, which increases climate change at every stage of their life cycle from extraction, refinement, transportation, and end of use that bring about catastrophic effects.
  4. That the plastics industry is still actively  engaging in greenwashing and aggressively promoting  false solutions, such as waste to energy, waste to fuel, chemical recycling,  eco bricks, plastic roads, and the like in order to justify business as usual and continuing production of single-use, throwaway plastic;
  5. The solution to this crisis is putting pressure on corporate, government, and community actors to create systems change in the plastic production and consumption system, and ultimately reducing the production and use of plastics;

Educational institutions are made to prepare young people for the future. I hereby commit to petition my school to break free from single use plastics and support alternatives that are truly sustainable and  do not aggravate the climate crisis.

I know that single-use plastic cannot be a part of our future. My institution needs to recognize this and needs to act now.

Signed by anyone! 



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