Global Week of Action

 6-15 November 2019

What is it all about?

Communities around the world are fighting back against the plastic forced on them by global corporations. Whether they are finding out who their local top polluter is, working towards zero waste, demanding reusable packaging, or simply sending packaging back to the company that gave it to them, the people are rising up! Join us for a week of action, 6th to 15th of November to tell the world of business that you have had enough of plastic pollution and it’s time for them to change.


Plan your action or choose from our menu of activities. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own ideas!


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Get ready for your action! Recruit volunteers, prepare your materials and the logistics, and secure any necessary permits.


Do your action. Don’t forget to take photos!


Share your photos/stories on social media using #breakfreefromplastic. Make sure they’re public! You can also send them to for uploading on our channels.

Check out this menu of activities

Break Free From Plastic members from all around the world will be signing this letter and delivering it to the top corporate polluters identified during our recent brand audits. It’s calling on corporations to reveal the amount of plastic they use, reduce their plastic use, and reinvent the way they deliver their products. You can help make sure the top polluters listen to our demands by finding their offices in your country and delivering it to them in person. Alternatively, write to a local newspaper to have the letter published. You can reference the Brand Audit Report vol. 2.

Did you do a brand audit recently and have some trash stored up? Or maybe spotted some branded plastic trash as you went about your day? Turn that trash into a plastic monster/origami/piece of art—or simply just put it in a box—and ship it to the nearest office or factory of the corporation responsible for producing it!

To find the nearest offices of the top polluters to you:

1. Go into google maps.

2. EITHER: Type in the name of the company you wish to find an address for such as ‘Unilever’ or ‘PepsiCo’ and google will suggest the corporate regional headquarters near your location. OR: type in the name of the company you wish to find PLUS the country you are in. Google maps will often suggest several addresses, including for the corporate offices and manufacturing plants. Choose the corporate office address.

3. Use this address for your action.

People around the world have been collecting data on how much plastic pollution from each brand was in their homes, offices, and environment. This has shown us who the world’s top plastic polluters are. We’ve awarded these plastic polluters the not-so-honourable award of Top Plastic Polluter, and we want you to make sure they collect that award! Share our video and tag the polluters on your social media, and don’t forget to tell them you want to #BreakFreeFromPlastic!

Bring your own reusable container to a supermarket, cafe, or restaurant, and ask them to fill it up instead of using a disposable container. If they do, celebrate it on social media (and tag the company, @greenpeace, and use the hashtag #ReuseRevolution). If they don’t allow you to use your own reusable container, post that to social media too (and tag the company and @greenpeace) and tell them it’s time to join the #ReuseRevolution. Learn more here!

Here are some additional resources for other types of actions you may want to consider!

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