Finance and Administrative Officer

Job Description

The BFFP Finance and Administrative Officer will oversee and manage all financial and administrative related tasks connected with all Break Free from Plastic projects and initiatives in the Philippines. You will be in charge of the “behind-the-scenes” and make sure that everything is working smoothly to support your teammates in focusing on their respective responsibilities.


You will report to the GAIA Finance and Administrative Coordinator and the BFFP Philippines BFFP Philippines coordinator.


As the finance and administrative officer, you are:

  • Trustworthy: You can be trusted with confidential financial and organizational information, and can manage personnel information, financial transactions, payroll, benefits and similar information with utmost confidentiality.
  • Highly-skilled in your field: You are experienced in delivering top-notch financial and administrative services in a professional and timely manner. You are knowledgeable about government requirements and schedules of submissions, bank transactions, payroll, personnel files management and the like.
  • Skilled in providing logistical support: You have experience in organizing events and activities, in providing travel support services such as ticket procurements and hotel bookings, and procurement to support the office’s daily activities.
  • Organized and punctual: You have great attention to detail and are extremely organized. You pride yourself in your punctuality (whether it is about your attendance or submission of reports).


As the Finance and Administrative Officer, you will:

  • Track and manage budgets, perform all financial transactions and ensure that all BFFP project transactions are documented and filed properly and accurately.
  • Liaise with donors, funders or grantees when necessary.
  • Manage personnel files and all related documents, ensure that they are accurate and updated.
  • Prepare regular financial reports and related documents.
  • Keep track of government requirements and schedules, and ensure that the BFFP PH office submits all requirements and follows these schedules strictly.
  • Oversee office maintenance and ensure that rules and guidelines are followed. You will oversee office repairs, and procure equipment, office supplies and tools, and the like.
  • Provide logistical support to all activities, and work with BFFP PH team members for processing of travel logistics such as purchase of plane tickets, hotel bookings, visa processing and the like.


Required Qualifications:

  • At least five (5) years of experience in a related capacity;
  • Highly-skilled in using the computer and necessary programs, particularly Excel and email;
  • Skilled in organizing events and providing logistical support for travel and other similar activities;
  • Highly-organized with high attention to details;
  • Good command of English and able to correspond with foreign funders or citizens of other countries; and
  • Willing to participate in calls outside of regular office hours.



Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Finance Management or related field;
  • Experience in working with non-profits/non-government organizations, or people’s organizations; and
  • Proficient with the use of computer or accountancy software such as QuickBooks.



To apply:

Please submit your updated resume with a cover letter that includes your salary requirements and at least 2 references to Deadline of submission is on February 21, 2020. No calls, please.

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