Join the 3-day Action Storm!

For the first time ever, Break Free From Plastic’s latest report, ‘Missing the Mark: Unveiling Corporate False Solutions to the Plastic Crisis’ reveals just how much, or rather, how little effort the top corporate plastic polluters are putting into reducing their plastic footprint. 

Among these corporations are Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestlé, which have been named as the top three corporate plastic polluters for three years in a row. 

Enough is enough. Join us on June 28-30, 2021 for a three-day action storm. We’ll be posting, tagging, sending postcards, letters and demanding accountability for their false solutions and continuous contribution to the plastic pollution crisis. See details below!

The Top 3 Corporate Plastic Polluters and their False Solutions




Action Storm Steps

Step 1: Tag Coca-cola, PepsiCo, or Nestle

Step 2: Call out a false solution they have been promoting

Learn about their false solutions projects below

Step 3: Demand that they invest in real solutions. 

Check out our list below

Step 4: Let them hear it! via social media/snail mail

Real Solutions

Solution 1:
Reduce plastic production

Solution 2:
Invest in reuse & refill systems

Solution 3:
Switch to delivery and return systems

Learn about reuse for businesses, individuals, municipalities and policy makers

Learn how Zero Waste Communities are reducing waste

How to Get Your Message to the Corporations

Post a Video on Social Media

You can use our #EnoughFalseSolutions materials or create your own video format.

▪ #EnoughSolutions IG sticker
(just search “breakfreefromplastic” from the IG stories stickers)

▪ Your own video format

sample instagram story post

Post a Photo on Social Media

You can use our #EnoughFalseSolutions materials or your own design or photo.

False solutions posters

Photos of branded waste

▪ Your own photo

Send a Letter or Postcard 

You can use our #EnoughFalseSolutions materials or your own postcard design or letter.

▪ Letter template
(available by June 28)

False solutions postcards

▪ Draft your own letter

You can pick any medium you want! Invite your friends and fellow environmental activists to join the campaign. You can even make videos together or organize a letter writing party, just make sure to observe safety protocols.

Corporations’ Details









Mailing Address

One Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta GA 30313





PepsiCo Inc., 700 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase NY 10577, USA




Avenue Nestle 55 Vevey, 1800 Switzerland

Key Hashtags:

 #EnoughFalseSolutions #breakfreefromplastic

Accounts to tag:

Facebook: Break Free From Plastic  |  Instagram: @breakfreefromplastic  |  Twitter: @brkfreeplastic

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