The Perceptıon of Turkısh Socıety on Envıronmental Problems and Waste Import

Turkey’s plastic waste import issue is a problem that we have been working on for a long time. There is no study that measures the perception of society on this issue, which is mostly brought to the agenda with illegal waste dumping and incineration activities. Therefore, revealing society’s perception of waste imports will help decision-makers take these activities more seriously.

Lead Organization: Microplastic Research Group

Author: Dr. Sedat Gündoğdu

Published on: January 2022


Safety first: recovering value from plastic waste in low- and middle-income countries

Tearfund commissioned Ed Cook from the University of Leeds to undertake an independent academic assessment of eight different approaches to recovering value from plastic waste – ranging from conventional recycling to incineration. They are assessed according to their impact on the environment; public and occupational health; and commercial prevalence and maturity. It also includes further assessment of the suitability of these approaches in low- and middle-income countries, including the risk that they may be operated below safety standards. The report was reviewed by Professors David Wilson and Linda Godfrey and Dr David Lerpiniere.

Lead Organization: Tear Fund

Author: Ed Cook, University of Leeds

Published on: January 2022


Plastic Pollution and the Planetary Emergency

The report pulls together recent scientific data on the broad impact of plastics on climate, biodiversity, human health, the environment, and planetary stability to ‘sound the alarm’ on the pollution caused by plastics throughout their lifecycles. ‘Connecting the Dots’ makes recommendations on how to design and ensure effective, long-term and collaborative global policy which considers plastic pollution as a threat to planetary boundaries and takes into account its knock-on impacts on other environmental crises. It concludes that only an ambitious new global treaty with key provisions such as urgently eliminating the discharge of plastics into the environment, phasing down plastic production to sustainable levels and promoting the upscaling of reuse, refill and traditional packaging systems worldwide is capable of addressing the current crisis.

Lead Organization: Environmental Investigation Agency UK (EIA UK)

Author: Environmental Investigation Agency UK (EIA UK)

Published on: January 2022


EXPOSED: Amazon’s enormous and rapidly growing plastic pollution problem

Oceana estimates that up to 23.5 million pounds of Amazon’s plastic packaging waste entered and polluted the world’s waterways and oceans in 2020, the equivalent of dumping a delivery van payload of plastic into the oceans every 67 minutes. The report exposes Amazon’s empty recycling promises. The rapidly growing plastic pollution crisis needs to be solved by major plastic polluters like Amazon taking steps to reduce plastics. The report calls on Amazon to reduce its plastic footprint by offering plastic-free packaging as an option at checkout, consistently reporting on its plastic footprint, and eliminating plastic packaging.

Lead Organization: Oceana

Author: Oceana

Published on: December 2021


Plan The Ban

As discussions around plastics become more global, we are pleased to present to you our new report 'Plan the Ban' undertaken in 4 cities in India (Pune, Indore, Delhi and Nainital). It is the first of its kind, measuring the impact of removing plastics as a waste and, thereby, as a source of income for wastepicker communities. We found that plastic waste constitutes about 40-60% income earned by waste pickers. Therefore, we require an approach that focuses on mitigating plastics in a phased-out manner while also finding new avenues of green livelihoods for wastepickers to prevent livelihood losses for the community.

Lead Organization: Chintan Environment Research and Action Group

Author: Bharati Chaturvedi

Published on: December 2021


India Brand Audit Report

by Kashtakari Panchayat, India | November 2021

Lead Organization: Kashtakari Panchayat


Published on: November 2021