Talking Trash

This addendum focuses on the Indian policy scenario and the strategies corporations have used on a central and state level to delay and derail progressive legislation on plastics.

Lead Organization: Nusa Urbancic of the Changing Markets Foundation

Author: Dharmesh Shah

Published on:


Plastic Pollution Lobby: A coalition against the introduction of a deposit return system in Austria

The report reveals that a group of powerful companies with vested interests, including major retailers Lidl, Spar, Hofer and REWE Group, has been lobbying to influence the government’s decision against a deposit system. They are orchestrating their lobbying efforts through the highly reputed Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA), Austria’s largest extended producer responsibility (EPR) organisation, which currently manages around 70% of the waste market.

Lead Organization: Changing Markets Foundation and Break Free From Plastic

Author: Changing Markets Foundation and Break Free From Plastic

Published on: May 2020


Talking Trash: the corporate playbook of false solutions to the plastic crisis

This report investigates industry tactics in the face of an unprecedented plastic pollution crisis and growing public pressure to address it. Based on research and investigations in over 15 countries across five continents, it reveals how – behind the veil of nice-sounding initiatives and commitments – the industry has obstructed and undermined proven legislative solutions for decades.

Lead Organization: Changing Markets Foundation

Author: Alice Delemare Tangpuori, George Harding-Rolls, Nusa Urbancic, Ximena Purita Banegas Zallio (independent researchers)

Published on: September 2020


Cracked: The Case For Green Jobs Over Petrochemicals In Pennsylvania

Despite Pennsylvania's embrace of fracking, fracking jobs remain scarce and temporary. As profits fail in a glut of natural gas (including ethane) and environmental damage worsens, Pennsylvania lawmakers are attempting to artificially sustain the boom by offering lucrative concessions to mega-corporations and dirty petrochemical producers.

Lead Organization: Food and Water Watch

Author: Food and Water Watch

Published on: September 2020


Plastics: Can Life Cycle Assessment Rise to the Challenge?

This paper explores how life cycle assessment (LCA) – the de facto tool used across the world for assessing the environmental impacts of products and processes—is used today to influence policy decision making particularly in regards to single use plastic products.

Lead Organization: Eunomia Research & Consulting, Ltd.

Author: Simon Hann

Published on: July 2020


Unpacked: how supermarkets can cut plastic packaging in half by 2025

By using this as a baseline estimate for the entire UK, and overlaying it with opportunities for reuse systems, we have been able to outline how supermarkets can achieve a minimum 50% reduction in single-use plastic packaging, purely via reduction and reuse.

Lead Organization: Greenpeace

Author: Greenpeace

Published on: August 2020