Zero Waste and Economic Recovery: The Job Creation Potential Of Zero Waste Solutions,

Employment opportunities are important in any economy, and especially in times of economic downturn. As governments and the private sector invest in economic recovery strategies, particularly “green” or climateneutral approaches, it is important to evaluate their employment potential. C40 estimates that the waste management sector has the potential to create 2.9 million jobs in its 97 member cities alone. Zero waste—a comprehensive approach to waste management that prioritizes waste prevention, re-use, composting, and recycling—is a widely-adopted strategy proven to minimize environmental impacts and contribute to a just society. In this study, we evaluate its job generation potential.

Lead Organization: GAIA

Author: John Ribeiro-Broomhead, Neil Tangr

Published on: February 2021


Plastívoros, the truth about the secret ingredient in your diet

The report explores in deep the massive presence of microplastics in agriculture and its impacts on health and environment. It also proposes some alternatives and policy measures to reduce drastically plastics and their toxicity

Lead Organization: Amigos dela Tierra (Friends of the Earth Spain)

Author: Amigos dela Tierra (Friends of the Earth Spain) & Justicia Alimentaria

Published on: February 2020


European waste trade impacts on Malaysia’s zero waste future

The impact of all the waste that is generated in Europe continues to be felt in countries and communities thousands of miles away. This case study illustrates the impacts inflicted by international waste trade upon Malaysia and shows how the country has responded.

Lead Organization: Zero Waste Europe

Author: Zero Waste Europe, GAIA, Friends of the Earth Malaysia (Sahabat Alam Malaysia)

Published on: January 2020


Checking Out on Plastics III

For the third year, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Greenpeace UK have surveyed the major supermarkets and grocery retailers in the UK on their efforts to reduce plastic pollution. This third report analyses 2019 plastic use across the sector, with a view to understanding whether the companies were able to change course and make a tangible difference in reducing their plastic footprint.

Lead Organization: Environmental Investigation Agency, Greenpeace

Author: Environmental Investigation Agency, Greenpeace

Published on: January 2020


When the plastic garbage caught up with us and passed us

Como organizaciones integrantes de GAIA, señalamos que es inaplazable el desarrollo de un verdadero diagnóstico de toda esta problemática tan compleja y multidimensional generada por los desechos plásticos en México y se desarrolle una política de Basura Cero y la incorporación de la Responsabilidad Extendida del Productor -también promovida por el Convenio de Basilea-para atenderla.

Lead Organization: Greenpeace Mexico

Author: Acción Ecológica, Academia Mexicana de Derecho Ambiental, Asociación Ecológica Santo Tomás, Frontera Comunes, Greenpeace, Laboratorio de Investigación en Desarrollo Comunitario y Sustentabilidad

Published on: 2020 January