TRASH IN AMERICA: Moving from destructive consumption towards a zero-waste system

The report examines America’s waste problem over the past three years, including the pandemic, and recommends 10 steps the United States should take to build a “zero waste” economy.

Lead Organization: U.S. PIRG, Environment America Research & Policy Center, Community Action Works, Frontier Group


Published on: September 2021


Path of Toxic Pollution: How making “forever chemicals” for food packaging threatens people and the climate

When PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) treatments are used in food packaging, they provide a temporary benefit: grease resistance during the short time the packaging holds food. Behind that benefit, however, lies massive pollution that devastates communities such as North Alabama, contributes significantly to climate change and the destruction of the ozone layer, and contaminates communities worldwide with chemicals that last forever

Lead Organization: Mind The Store

Author: Erika Schreder, Beth Kemler

Published on: September 2021


The Climate Emergency Unpacked: How Consumer Goods Companies are Fueling Big Oil’s Plastic Expansion

The report highlights how global brands like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestlé are driving Big Oil's expansion of plastic production, threatening the global climate and communities worldwide.

Lead Organization: Greenpeace USA

Author: Greenpeace USA

Published on: September 2021


Hot tickets and hollow promises: solutions to the plastic crisis Investor Briefing

Solutions to the plastic crisis come in many forms. Our investor briefing, Hot Tickets and Hollow Promises, demonstrates how not all solutions to the plastic crisis are created equal; some are more financially and technically viable than others. A concerning level of attention is still being paid to unproven solutions, while major investment institutions lack a full understanding of the policy landscape and its implications, and how it will create risks and opportunities for solution technologies. Our breifing details both the operating context for investors and businesses in response to the plastics crisis over the next decade, as well as highlighting recommendations and case studies.

Lead Organization: Talking Trash

Author: Changing Markets Foundation

Published on: September 2021


Plastic waste has arrived in Latin America: trends and challenges in the region

Between January and August 2020, the United States shipped 44,173 tons of plastic waste, the same tonnage as almost 300 blue whales, to 15 Latin American countries, approximately 35 containers per day. An investigative report by GAIA LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) members reveals the untold story of how the United States is exporting its plastic problems to Latin America–disregarding international and national laws–and the harm that it’s causing to the Latin American people and environment. The Executive Summary of the report, including its key findings, has been translated into English.

Lead Organization: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

Author: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

Published on: July 2021


A People’s Effort to hold Corporate Polluters Accountable

This year's End Plastic Pollution in partnership with BreakFreeFromPlastic conducted this brand audit on September 6th, 2021 at the Masese Landing Site on the shores of Lake Victoria in Jinja City.

Lead Organization: End Plastic Pollution - Uganda

Author: End Plastic Pollution Uganda

Published on: September 2021