Plastics: Can Life Cycle Assessment Rise to the Challenge?

This paper explores how life cycle assessment (LCA) – the de facto tool used across the world for assessing the environmental impacts of products and processes—is used today to influence policy decision making particularly in regards to single use plastic products.

Lead Organization: Eunomia Research & Consulting, Ltd.

Author: Simon Hann

Published on: July 2020


Unpacked: how supermarkets can cut plastic packaging in half by 2025

By using this as a baseline estimate for the entire UK, and overlaying it with opportunities for reuse systems, we have been able to outline how supermarkets can achieve a minimum 50% reduction in single-use plastic packaging, purely via reduction and reuse.

Lead Organization: Greenpeace

Author: Greenpeace

Published on: August 2020



This primer expands the focus of the plastics pollution debate to include the molecular-level effects of plastics associated chemicals on health, and moves away from the materials-orientated discussion of the impacts of plastics on the environment.

Lead Organization: Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)

Author: Natacha Cingotti, Greg Howard

Published on: September 2020


Deception by the Numbers

Despite decades of deceptive industry marketing, we know we can’t recycle our way out of the plastic pollution crisis. But the companies making and selling plastic—and their trade association surrogate the American Chemistry Council—aren’t giving up. Instead, they’re doubling down to mislead investors, governments, and the public into believing we can.

Lead Organization: Greenpeace

Author: Ivy Schlegel

Published on: September 2020


Risk unwrapped: plastic pollution as a material business risk

This briefing explains that companies – particularly those that are intensive plastic users or producers – are under a legal obligation to manage and disclose material business risks posed by plastic pollution. We start by explaining the known effects of plastic pollution on wildlife and ecosystems, on human health, and plastic pollution’s economic impact.

Lead Organization: ClientEarth

Author: ClientEarth

Published on: July 2018


Pandemic Crisis, Systemic Decline: Why Exploiting the COVID-19 Crisis Will Not Save the Oil, Gas, and Plastic Industries

The report documents how long-term systemic declines in the oil and gas industry had been accumulating long before the coronavirus pandemic emerged. Compounded by the impacts of the pandemic and related economic crisis, the industry’s collapse has accelerated, with leading companies losing an average of 45% of their value since the start of 2020.

Lead Organization: Center for International Environmental Law

Author: Center for International Environmental Law

Published on: April 2020



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