Communications Hub Team

Shilpi Chhotray

Narrative Advisor

Shilpi served as BFFP’s Global Communications Lead from July 2017 – August 2021, and has been integral to challenging and shifting the pro-industry narrative and establishing BFFP and its allies as the preeminent voice on the plastic pollution crisis.
Under Shilpi’s leadership, the BFFP Communications Hub successfully developed cross-regional storytelling systems, launched and expanded its digital media presence with a strong brand identity, and dominated the mediasphere with stories from the frontlines of the crisis. Due to her experience on the issue and role as a media liaison, Shilpi is often a go-to source for journalists including the NY Times, NPR, Rolling Stone, BBC, Reuters, and Al Jazeera. Shilpi regularly speaks on plastic pollution and intersectionality including Environmental Grantmakers Association, Grounded, and Bioneers. Following her tenure at BFFP, Shilpi launched People Over Plastic: a new podcast dedicated to shining a light on the intersectional nature of the fight for plastic justice. She is thrilled to continue collaborating with the BFFP team in a Narrative Advisory capacity.
Oakland, California | Email: shilpi@peopleoverplastic.co | www.peopleoverplastic.co