‘Food-to-go. Good to go? From throwaway to reuse, turning the tide on pointless packaging in the food-to-go sector’ .

Lead Organization: City to Sea

Author: Eunomia


The report is the first of its kind in the UK, taking an in-depth look at the single-use packaging problem in the food-to-go sector in the UK. It identifies lack of progress towards the legally enshrined Waste Hierarchy and helps the food-to-sector find their way through the plastic-filled maze towards prevention and reuse. Crucially, the report includes a succinct road map charting the steps that business and government need to take to significantly reduce the amount of single use packaging used by the sector. This report fights back against the unfounded fearmongering, spread by the plastics industry, that leads to unscientific bans on reusable products. Instead it highlights the opportunities for a sector shaken to its core to build back better.