Break Free From Plastic

South Asia Network Organizer

The South Asia Network Organizer will provide leadership and coordination for plastics-related initiatives in the South Asia region. As the SA organizer, you will implement and oversee programs and campaigns in the SA region and coordinate the SA network for Break Free from Plastic. You will provide support and services to plastics-related initiatives (including Zero Waste and incineration) of members and partners in South Asia, ensure that these initiatives are highlighted beyond the region, and that they contribute to larger plastic reduction goals globally.

The South Asia Network Organizer reports to the BFFP Asia Pacific Coordinator.

As the BFFP South Asia Network Organizer, you will:

◾ Provide coordination support to the BFFP Asia Pacific Coordinator and contribute to the development and implementation of regional (Asia Pacific) strategies and goals to promote solutions for plastic reduction;

◾ Work with BFFP members and partners in South Asian countries to develop a shared critical analysis of plastic and waste issues, build a holistic framework to successfully promote solutions and reduce plastic production, pollution, usage and dumping within your region, and facilitate the development and coordination of country plans based on this analysis;

◾ Support, manage  and coordinate plastics-related initiatives and projects in South Asian countries;

◾ Create linkages and opportunities between communities, organizations and other players within South Asia to bolster local/national/sub-regional work, and continually link local/national/sub-regional to regional and global efforts and vice versa whenever possible;

◾ Oversee the development and translation of science- and fact-based publications, papers and other materials related to plastic pollution relevant to national or local situations and needs;

◾ Represent BFFP in  South Asia, and in key meetings and activities within the region;

◾ Help build the  capacity of members in your sub- region, so that they are better equipped to run relevant projects and campaigns, and be able to represent their sectors/organizations effectively in various spaces;

◾ Organize and mobilize country alliances in support of the movement’s strategic goals and objectives;

◾ Work with BFFP AP Coordinator to identify and implement capacity-building strategies and provide learning opportunities to members;

◾ Lead membership growth and engagement, including recruitment and vetting of potential members within South Asia; and

◾ Actively participate in BFFP team meetings and contribute to global and regional processes.


You are the best candidate for this post because you are:


◾ Highly-skilled in coordination: You are deeply committed to equity and equality, inclusivity and diversity. You are both consultative and decisive; you appreciate the importance of consultations but can also make quick decisions when necessary. You love building and nurturing relationships, and take great care in making members and partners feel valued and respected.

◾ Highly-skilled in program/campaign management and implementation: You have proven experience in developing, implementing, evaluating and improving campaigns, programs and projects and all related activities. You are organized and disciplined with your time, know how to prioritize and can be depended upon to deliver results in a timely manner. 

◾ A global/local campaigner: You thoroughly understand that local pollution-reduction and advocacy efforts can contribute to changing the global campaign and discourse on plastic pollution, and vice versa, and you are adept at making and articulating these connections.

◾ Solutions-oriented: You are not easily overwhelmed by setbacks and obstacles, you love thinking on your feet to develop solutions and help your team overcome challenges, and you continually learn and adapt to motivate yourself and your team to win!

◾ Well-rounded and a team-player: You have facilitation, writing, public-speaking, negotiation and mediation, and other skills. You value the importance of working with team members and partners to accomplish targets and goals.

◾ Patient and respectful: You value people’s inputs and expertise, and are respectful in dealing with people from all walks of life and from different backgrounds. You respect and recognize expertise and knowledge coming from different members of the community, and value the importance of bringing different perspectives together. 

◾ Trustworthy: You are self-motivated and can be depended upon to deliver targets and goals in a timely manner. You take pride in your ability to honor commitments.

Required Qualifications:

◾ At least three (3) years of experience in a coordination, campaigning and/or management role, preferably with an international non-profit/people’s organization or network; 

◾ Demonstrable experience in all aspects of program and project implementation including conceptualization and delivery of key target goals, monitoring and evaluation, documentation and reporting, and other related tasks;

◾ Familiarity with environmental justice values and principles, and a commitment to supporting and collaborating with frontline and grassroots communities and organizations;

◾ Highly-skilled in facilitation and group processes such as project and partner meetings, webinars, planning and evaluation processes, and the like; 

◾ Proven ability to work independently and use creative problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and achieve goals;

◾ Fluent in English, with strong writing and public-speaking skills and the ability to transform complex and technical information into digestible, relatable and simple messages to inform and influence public opinion;

◾ Highly-computer literate, comfortable with new media technologies and able to use and learn communication tools;

◾ Experienced in organizing events for different stakeholders such as government offices and agencies, media institutions, private sector and others;

◾ Willing to travel on a regular basis locally and abroad.


Desired Qualifications:

◾ Knowledge of and familiarity with Zero Waste, waste management, energy, plastics and climate issues;

◾ Familiar with fundraising and international development funds, foreign private foundations and donors;

◾ Skilled in translating English papers, articles and other materials into local languages and vice-versa;

◾ Knowledge of another regional language; and

◾ Familiar with local and regional media landscape.


Location, Compensation and Work Environment:


This is a project position but full-time and equivalent to 5 days a week for an initial one-year term.  This position is open to all nationalities from the SOUTH ASIA region, and location is dependent on where the successful candidate resides.

We offer a competitive salary plus benefits, including health insurance, vacation, maternity/paternity leave, and other similar employment protection. We take pride in our ability to support one another’s work in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, and look forward to introducing the successful candidate to our welcoming and highly motivated team and members.


Equal employment Opportunity:

We are committed to equal employment opportunity principles and to provide all employees with a safe work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We welcome you regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, physical ability, or any other status unrelated to the performance of the job. People from historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


To apply:



  1. Updated resume and cover letter with your salary requirements;
  2. 2-3 references (IMPORTANT: 2 of your references must be your immediate supervisors or managers, or colleagues who worked closely with you in recent programs/projects/campaigns);
  3. At least 2 writing samples or references/links to programs/projects you led or spearheaded 

No calls, please. Deadline of submission is on April 30, 2021, but consider applying ASAP. Qualified applicants will be screened and shortlisted immediately, and the position may be filled before the deadline.